Breaking Bad Tour of Albuquerque

Breaking Bad Tour of Albuquerque

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Are you looking for a locally curated, do-it-yourself Breaking Bad tour of Albuquerque that eliminates tourist traps and takes you directly to the source? We're filming location & celebrity home map experts and we've got you covered!

This tour includes the most recognizable locations from Breaking Bad, El Camino, and Better Call Saul. From Los Pollos Hermanos (Twisters Burgers & Burritos) and Walter White's house to Jimmy's Goodman's office and Mike's favorite, Loyola's Restaurant. We've also included exclusive stops and tips that you won't find on any other tour.

What You're Getting

  • 65+ Verified Filming Locations
  • 15 Series-Associated Hot Spots
  • Easy to Follow PDF Tour Emailed to You
  • Map Links for Easy Navigation to Each Location
  • Exclusive Tips That Only Locals Know

Please note: We can't control how businesses and/or private residents hide their properties and do not guarantee you'll have a completely unobstructed view of every location.