This tour is a must for anyone interested in Celebrity Homes

We really enjoyed our special tour of celebrity homes on Monday. Thanks to your site Tucker from Velvet Ropes we actually got to see Justin Beiber playing baseball in his cul d sac!

My 20 year old daughter was shaking when we saw him!! It was so cool to be able to see celebrity homes on our own pace and without paying the expensive prices of a tour bus!!

Sally K.

I have visited Nashville so many times and I've never been able to find a Nashville celebrity homes tour, until this!

I had the best time and took so many pics. I even took the detours that are optional (yes, I'm that person lol). Highly recommend this tour!


Our family tradition is to pick a new city each year to visit for Christmas. Last year we were in Los Angeles and took their Beverly Hills tour. We had a blast, so when we were planning for Nashville I checked and found this one. My wife and kids aren't much of country music fans (I am), but they are into anything that'll get them a chance to meet a celebrity, so this was a highlight of our trip. We stopped at the Green Hills Mall for lunch as suggested in the tour and saw Keith Urban leaving Whole Foods with one of his daughters!

Jacob A.
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Matthew O.

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Alexis L.

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Becca T.